Possible record catfish caught at lake in San Angelo

Logan Lloyd catfish.jpg
Courtesy: Logan Lloyd/San Angelo LIVE!

A San Angelo man reeled in what could be a record-sized catfish.

Logan Lloyd, 31, caught a large flathead catfish Thursday on the Twin Buttes Reservoir south of San Angelo, which unofficially weighs 77 pounds and 56 inches long.

Lloyd told San Angelo LIVE! that he caught the monster catfish on a 20-pound fishing line baited with cut shad.

“I’ve been hunting these fish for years,” Lloyd said. “I only fish for big catfish. I'd say this one is pretty rare. This is the biggest one I've ever caught.”

The record for flathead catfish caught on the Twin Buttes Reservoir is 73.35 pounds. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, it was caught on April 20, 2014 by Roy L. Martin.

Lloyd stood on his bathroom scale while holding the fish and subtracted his weight to come up with 77 pounds for the weight of the catfish.

On Monday, Lloyd is going to have the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officially weigh the catfish.

In the meantime, the 77-pound catfish is being kept in a small pool with an air pump.