"New level of stupid:" Tourists harass South Carolina alligator by throwing carrots

Alligator Carrot (Fripp Island).jpg
An alligator was harassed by people throwing carrots on Fripp Island, SC on Friday. The resort called the behavior a new level of stupid. (Fripp Island Activity Center)

Officials at a South Carolina resort are looking for the people who harassed an alligator by throwing carrots at him, calling the action "a new level of stupid."

The Fripp Island Resort Activity Center posted about the harassment Friday on its Facebook page.

Fripp Island naturalist Jessica Miller says the people were lucky because the alligator didn't respond and later slid back into the water

The Facebook post says Fripp Island has a description of the people who threw carrots. It says the fine is $200 per carrot thrown.

Violators could also face up to 30 days in jail for feeding alligators if convicted, according to South Carolina state law.

Wildlife experts say that most attacks occur when humans feed, poke or swim near alligators.

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