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Man uses car to break into Tulsa adult novelty shop, steals sex toys


The store manager said the suspect stole two sex toys, and lingerie. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla (KTUL)-- Tulsa police say a man busted down the doors of the Hustler Hollywood adult novelty shop using his car and then fled with $300 worth of merchandise.

The store manager said he stole two sex toys, and lingerie.

"It's strange that he would go to such extremes to break into a store for that," said Jeanne Pierce with Tulsa police.

The whole incident caught on camera.

After the car crashed through the entrance, the man immediately ran into the shop.

"They felt like from the video that the guy has been in the store before because he went directly to a certain area of the store , grabbed several items then got back in the car," said Pierce.

She said the thought process behind doing all this is what worries her the most.

"It's concerning that somebody would do this for the type of items they stole. If somebody is going to plow through a store for lingerie, then how desperate is this individual and what will this individual do next?" asked Pierce.

No one was injured in the incident. Police are still look for the suspect.