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Florida Pastor rewrites 'Old Town Road' for social distancing

Florida Pastor rewrites 'Old Town Road' for social distancing (Kevin Mihlfeld via Storyful)

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (STORYFUL) - With group gatherings discouraged amid COVID-19 precautions, many church pastors are redefining their role in the community – especially one Florida minister, who put his talents to use in a viral Facebook post where he rewrote Old Town Road.

Kevin Mihlfeld, a pastor at the New Hope Christian Center in Tallahassee, wanted to put smiles on faces during the stressful novel coronavirus pandemic on March 12, so he donned his cowboy hat and sunglasses, and started his “Corona Virus Fighting Ministry” with an idiosyncratic rewrite of the Grammy-winning Lil Nas X song Old Town Road.

Some of the pastor’s timely new lyrics included, “If you out here coughing, you better stay up off me,” and “Yes, I am a Christian, but I’m keeping social distance.”

Mihlfeld’s partner Jacqueline, who also shared the video, told Storyful, “It is crazy and also beautiful that people come together over laughter and joy, especially during uncertain times.”