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Cop gets 'stinky punishment' after freeing trapped skunk

(David Boggs via Storyful)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (STORYFUL)- A police officer who released a trapped skunk in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on August 19, received an unwelcome “thank you” for his efforts.

Responding to a call of a skunk at Danehy Dog Park, walking around in circles with a cup on its head, Officer McGinty stepped up and pulled the cup off.

“While we are happy to report that the skunk was freed and uninjured, Officer McGinty’s good deed led to a stinky punishment (and multiple showers),” Cambridge police said in a Facebook post.

The officer wasn’t the only victim of the spray.

“Special shout out to our fleet maintenance crew too, as they had to tackle the deskunking of Officer McGinty’s vehicle,” police added.