Bam Margera and Matt Iseman help Detroit man tell his "horrible boss" that he quits

Bam Margera and Matt Iseman help Detroit man tell his "horrible boss" that he quits (Ethan Watkins / Cameo)

DETROIT, Mich. (WKRC) - Ethan Watkins is not a fan of his boss. Not by any stretch of any imagination. It is for that reason that he decided he was going to quit his job at a Michigan technology outlet.

However, Ethan Watkins was not just going to turn in a simple note or letter that could be tossed aside and easily ignored. No. Ethan's soon-to-be-ex-boss, named Vik, apparently deserved more than that.

Ethan turned to Cameo, a website where you can book personalized shout-outs from celebrities. His idea? Make his departure memorable.

To that end, Ethan was able to get Bam Margera, of MTV's Jackass, and Matt Iseman, host of America Ninja Warrior, to support his cause. Both celebrities recorded statements for Ethan, addressing Vik's management skills (or lack thereof).

You can watch Bam Margera's video here

You can watch Matt Iseman's video here

For posterity, Ethan created his own website, called where he posted the videos.

Ethan also ended up sending an email to his coworkers explaining his decision to leave. Here is what he said:

I want to start off by saying over the past five years I have met and become friends with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Believe it or not, I risked it all when I left my job to interview for what I felt would be my dream job. I am so proud of the time and work I have put in, as well as the impact I have made with customers who have become friends throughout the years. Working here has inspired me to grow as an individual, father, husband, and member of the community. I have always been known as someone who is willing to speak their mind; Sharing my opinion, standing up for people even when they are not willing to make waves and do it for themselves. At times I was right, and other times wrong, but I was always willing to learn and admit my mistakes. For the same reasons many others have recently left - the environment, culture, not to mention the over all job is not what it was when I fell in love with the idea of it.
That leaves me to you Vik -
You have lied and cheated your way to the top, lying and manipulating both people and data to push out anyone that you don't like. Missing the clap-outs of people who have worked with us for ten years all because you didn't like that they left. Rather than doing what is best for our customers you push the team to price gouge our beloved consumers by focusing the team on sending things to depot, which in turn can leave the customer paying up to 3 times the amount for the same repair - all for the sake of numbers! Additionally, you encourage people to avoid non-favorable NPS by canceling sessions or incorrectly inputting email addresses. You rule by fear - or at least try- rather than lead and inspire, missing Apple's core values. You are not a friend, advocate, or mentor to anyone on this team and because of that I am not willing to call you my boss.
Friends Please Don't Become Strangers <3